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§9557. (a) No penalty shall be imposed for delinquent payment of any fee required to be paid under this code in the event any instrument for effective payment of such fee is placed in the United States mail or in any postal box maintained by the United States Postal Service with sufficient identification in an envelope with postage thereon prepaid and addressed to the Department of Motor Vehicles at Sacramento, or to one of the regularly established branch offices of the department or to any person or organization authorized by the department under Section 4610, prior to the date or time the fee becomes delinquent.
(b) Any person so mailing an instrument for payment of any fee may file with the department a certificate in writing showing compliance with the provisions of this section. The certificate shall be accepted by the department as prima facie evidence of such mailing.

Late registration penalties are quite severe and may
amount to 180% of the original fees.
These fees do not have to be paid if the original
payment was lost in the mail.

For this one you will need to fill out the STATEMENT OF FACTS at BOX H (the box with all the lines) with the sentence

** All fees were placed in the US Mail before the due date and the vehicle is exempt from late registration penalties.**

If you are loopholing multiple years be sure to have a separate form for each year.
The form should be signed by whoever put the fees in the mail.
You can also write the above sentence on
a blank sheet of paper with a date and
signature at the bottom. Under the signature write
the sentence

**I Certify under penalty of perjury under the laws
of the State of California that the information entered by me
on this document is true and correct.**

This one is so obscure it never fails to flabbergast the clerk.
Be persistent, demand a supervisor
and you will get your way, EVENTUALLY!!

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