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§16431. (a) Proof of financial responsibility may be given by the written certificate or certificates of any insurance carrier duly authorized to do business within the state, that it has issued to or for the benefit of the person named therein a motor vehicle liability policy as defined in Section 16450, an automobile liability policy as defined in Section 16054, or any other liability policy issued for vehicles with less than four wheels that meets the requirements of Section 16056, which, at the date of the certificate or certificates is in full force and effect.
Except as provided in subdivision (b), the certificate or certificates issued under any liability policy set forth in this section shall be accepted by the department and satisfy the requirements of proof of financial responsibility of this chapter.
Nothing in this chapter requires that an insurance carrier certify that there is coverage broader than that provided by the actual policy issued by the carrier.

(b) The department shall require that a person whose driver's license has been revoked, suspended, or restricted pursuant to Section 13350, 13351, 13352, 13353, 13353.2, 13353.3, 13353.6, 13353.7, 16370, or 16370.5 provide, as proof of financial responsibility, a certificate or certificates which covers all motor vehicles registered to the person before reinstatement of his or her driver's license.

(c) Subdivision (b) does not apply to vehicles in storage if the current license plates and registration cards are surrendered to the department in Sacramento.

California vehicle liability laws make no distinction between
automobiles and two-wheeled motor vehicles.
A moped SR-22 carries the same legal weight
as an automobile SR-22 and will suffice to restore
any class of Driver License.
If you suffer an SR-22 Liability Insurance
requirement and you don't even own a car, you are faced with paying
thousands of dollars a year for a Non-Owners's Liability Policy
just for the privilege of maintaining a valid Driver's License.

Motorcycle or scooter liability policies are quite affordable and can be had
for less than $99 per year at
McGraw Insurance
Other Insurance Companies

Most companies will issue you a moped SR-22
if you have a moped currently registered in your name
under the condition that you get a
moped endorsement
within 30 days.
The smaller the motor, the cheaper the policy.
A Honda Passport 50cc moped is ideal, but if you live in a big
city and can find a wholesale clown supply warehouse to sell you one
of those tiny Bozo bikes you might find a policy for ten bucks a year!!

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