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(a) Upon demand of a peace officer pursuant to subdivision
(b) or (c), every person who drives upon a highway a motor vehicle
required to be registered in this state shall provide evidence of
financial responsibility for the vehicle.  However, a peace officer
shall not stop a vehicle for the sole purpose of determining whether
the vehicle is being driven in violation of this subdivision.
               This is what they charge you with.

(e) A person issued a notice to appear for a violation of
subdivision (a) may personally appear before the clerk of the court,
as designated in the notice to appear, and provide written evidence
of financial responsibility in a form consistent with Section 16020,
showing that the driver was in compliance with that section at the
time the notice to appear for violating subdivision (a) was issued.
In lieu of a personal appearance, the person may submit written
evidence of financial responsibility by mail to the court. Upon
receipt by the clerk of written evidence of financial responsibility
in a form consistent with Section 16020, further proceedings on the
notice to appear for the violation of subdivision (a) shall be
               This is how you waiver the charge.

16020  (a) Every driver and every owner of a motor vehicle shall at
all times be able to establish financial responsibility pursuant to
Section 16021, and shall at all times carry in the vehicle evidence
of the form of financial responsibility in effect for the vehicle.
   (b) "Evidence of financial responsibility" means any of the
(c) For purposes of this section, "evidence of financial
responsibility" shall be in writing, and established by writing the
name of the insurance company or surety company and the policy number
on the vehicle registration card issued by the department.
               And this is the meat!

               Be sure to include the required
               $10.00 Compliance Fee for each fixable violation.

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