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California Indians residing on Federal Indian Reservations are
exempt from Vehicle License Fees.
Call your
Local DMV Branch
to calculate the VL Fees on a particular vehicle.
This means that a typical Ferarri driving Indian
only pays about $50 per year to register his Testarossa.
Any Reservation dwelling Indian
can claim this exemption by using a California DMV form called a
Certificate of Indian License Fee Exemption.

The Indian must submit this form properly filled in with the
Tribe Name and Reservation Name.
There are spaces on the form for Reservation and Mailing Addresses.
The form must also be signed by the Indian's Tribal Recording
Secretary or a Bureau of Indian Affairs official.

The Hoopa Valley Tribe dwells at Hoopa Valley Reservation
in Humboldt County 95546
which requires no bienniel smog.

This loophole is for Indians only,
please do NOT abuse it, Chief.
Be aware that if an Indian owned vehicle
is transferred to a non-Indian
then current-year pro-rated VL fees will be demanded upon transfer.



The fees specified in this code, except fees for duplicate plates, certificates, or cards, need not be paid for any of the following vehicles, which are of a type subject to registration under this code, and which are not used for transportation for hire, compensation, or profit, when owned by any disabled veteran or any Congressional Medal of Honor recipient:
(a) Any passenger motor vehicle.
(b) Any motorcycle.
(c) Any commercial motor vehicle of less
than 6,001 pounds unladen weight.

The exemption granted by this section shall not extend to more than one vehicle owned by any disabled veteran or Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.
The department may require any disabled veteran applying for an exemption under this section to submit a certificate signed by a physician or surgeon substantiating the disability.
Any person applying for an exemption under this section by reason of receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor shall submit satisfactory proof that he or she is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

If utilized in person be sure and bring
an interesting book and comfortable shoes to wear while
waiting for the clerk and supervisor to figure out
which codes to push to waive ALL fees except any
$7 duplicate title fees.
If the clerk refuses to waive fees demand to speak
to a Supervisor. If the Supervisor refuses to waive fees
demand that she call Sacramento immediately.
If done by mail it's always a nice touch to
include a check payable in the amount of
If done by mail include a Statement of Facts
stating that the vehicle is exempt from ALL fees per VC §9105.
New wheelchair plates are custom hand-crafted and issued via US Mail.
By ancient California Constitutional provision Dis-Vets
are exempt from all taxes.
Parking tickets seem to magically disappear from all
records after being issued!
All DV wheelchair plates have tabs that expire on December 31st.
All DV wheelchair plates can be very simply transferred to another vehicle.
Renewal Forms in the amount of $0.00 are mailed in October.

For this one you will need to start with Box 1 of the form called
Check the exempt box and follow the instructions. You will also need a Disabled Veteran with paperwork. You are in an ideal situation if your grandfather is a DIS-VET.
You could transfer your vehicle to him while waiving the smog and use tax.
Grandpappy could then register the car for free. He could transfer the car back to you again while waiving the smog and tax. Your vehicle would now be legal and current.

If you are not in this ideal situation, not to worry. California parks and sidewalks are littered with Disabled Veterans carrying sheafs of VA documents. Freeway off-ramps are also good hunting grounds for an authentic DIS-VET who will gladly take registered ownership of your vehicle,
if only for a very short time,
long enough to get it legal and current.

Who knows, you may even run into your long-lost Grandfather still shell-shocked from the Normandy Invasion.

This one can be done by mail, just be sure to include a photo-copy of your
VA Papers signed by a doctor.
The VA Letterhead must state that the Dis-Vet is
Unable to walk without the aid of an assisting device.

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