This site is chock full of legal loopholes that any
California Citizen can use to save time, money
and frustration when dealing with auto registration
at the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
All of these loopholes are
field-tested and time-proven and can be used
year after year. All of these loopholes are 100
per cent legal when used under the appropriate circumstances,

Find out what type of Smog Area you reside in

Screwit Waiver the Biennial smog.Screwit

Screwit Waiver the Transfer Smog.Screwit

Screwit Waiver the Late Registration Penalties.Screwit

Screwit Waiver the DMV Sales Tax When Buying a Car.Screwit

Screwit Waiver the Registration Fees Altogether.Screwit

Screwit Waiver the $300 Out-of-State Vehicle Smog Fee.Screwit

Screwit Waiver Convictions from your Insurance Record. Screwit

Screwit Waiver Prosecution of Insurance Violations Screwit

Screwit SR-22 Insurance Policy for $99 per Year. Screwit


These loopholes can all be done by mail.
The loopholes above may be utilized with
either a DMV form called an
or the new (as of Jan. 96) DMV form called
which is standard size 8 inch by 11 inch.
If you need to change a name or signature
on a document you should use a California DMV
form called a
The California DMV has a
Sacramento Fax Number
for requesting official DMV forms.
Fax 1-916-657-7393
WWW Mail Gateway
E-mail Alias
Don't forget to include your snail address
and titles of all forms requested.
The Vehicle Registration Handbook should
be requested as well.

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Search the California Codes
for loopholes!!

Browse the Vehicle Code

Research the laws of Other States

Study for the DMV Written Exam

Exercize your right to influence State Government with a free e-mail fax
to your California legislator.

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If the process of obtaining a California Title
has become a nightmare, take a shortcut with a
Mailorder Alabama Title

Travel as of Right
is a $225 comprehensive legal workshop kit sold by James Wood III
He has been driving legally for many years with no
state-issued Driver License while bearing his own
home-made License Plates.
James Wood III
Voice (941) 918-9396
c/o CUBEX, Suite 174
7350 South Tamiami Trail
Sarasota FL 34231

Weisman Publications sells the excellent reference books
The Authority of Law
The Right to Travel

Commonlaw Digest
is just one of many
Internet mailing lists
where traffic ticket experts abound

Attorney David Brown's
is an invaluable reference guide
but is is somewhat limited in depth

There is an exhaustively informative book available
free of charge
from the US Government.
It is a Bible for the Paranoid out there.
Send a postcard with a request for
Publication FHWA-PL-96-011
It is called
Driver License Administration
Requirements and Fees
Send request to:

400 7th Street S.W.
Wash DC 20590

Another source of information is at

National Driver Register
400 7th Street SW, Room 6124
Wash DC 20590

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
also has a fount of information for sale

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